The War Within Series

From the sands of the Coliseum to the deserts of the Parthian Empire, from Rome’s infamous dungeon to the labyrinths of the Catacombs, readers of all ages will thrill to pages full of action, adventure, and romance.

Witness the courage of early Christians in the face of intense persecution and feel your own faith rise in response.


A War Within: The GladiatorA War Within small cover

“All the saints salute you, including those of Caesar’s household.”

Those words of the Apostle Paul, written to the Philippians, made me think.  What an amazing dynamic, that while the Caesars were trying to stomp out the Christians God had His people right within Caesar’s palace, right under his nose. Isn’t that just the way God works?

The protagonist of A War Within: The Gladiator is 17-year-old Antonius, whose father Titus is Emperor Commodus’ steward but also secretly leads a small church group.  When the Emperor sends Antonius to carry a message to the Praetorians Titus learns that it is an arrest warrant for his church, including his wife and daughter.  Antonius races to warn them, but the resulting tragedy leaves him bitter and angry toward God and vowing vengeance on the Emperor.  The brutal gladiator master Scipio plans to mold this angry young man into a fighter, leaving Antonius warring within.  Will he forsake his faith and fight or will he refuse?  If God is truly faithful how could this happen?  And how could God demand that he forgive?

Praise for The Gladiator:

“A fast-paced, heart-stopping page turner. From the first page you are thrust into a time long forgotten: a time when persecution of the saints meant more than a volley of words or divergent beliefs, but real lives held in the grip of a society bent on violence.” ~Jonathon George

“The characters are so well written that you feel like you are in the story with them. Many twists and turns on this journey in Rome.” ~Cindy Dummitt

The Gladiator was published by Word Aflame Press in October, 2012. 

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The Legionnaire Cover 2 A War Within: The Legionnaire

Having escaped the gladiator school and fled the city of Rome, Antonius and Theudas now find themselves on a far deadlier battlefield.  The entire Roman Empire is racked with civil war on the heels of the assassinations of both Emperor Commodus and his successor Pertinax.  Now four would-be Emperors, including their erstwhile savior, the governor and general Severus, lead their legions to vie for the Imperial throne.  Antonius and Theudas must fight their way from Syria in the East to Gaul in the West and finally back to Rome.

Will Antonius’s hope of restoration to his faith, family and the woman he loves be just another casualty of the brutal civil war?  Can God ever forgive him for the things he’s been forced to do?  As Antonius returns to Rome to face a resurgent persecution will God remain faithful? And if he remains faithful to God will it cost him his life?

Praise for The Legionnaire:

“I enjoy historical fiction, and this book kept me spell bound to the very end. It made me feel as if I was part of the drama.” ~Fern Johnston

“This story is weaved through love, hate, battle and brotherhood. Well told!” ~Jacketfan

The Legionnaire was published by Word Aflame Press in August, 2013.

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A War Within: The Praetorian

Using his power as a Praetorian tribune, Theudas begins a search for his mother with the aim of freeing her from slavery. Emperor Severus is consolidating his hold on power and setting in motion renewed persecution of the Christians in Rome. When Antonius’s family is threatened with exposure to the cunning and ruthless Praetorian Prefect, Theudas must decide if he will endanger his quest and his life to save his friends. Through it all he wrestles with the question: does faith in Christ mean committing heresy against his Jewish roots? Or is Jesus truly his Messiah?

Praise for The Praetorian:

“I enjoyed every part of this book. I like the intrigue and the historical setting. This one and the first book are my favorites so far.” ~Leigh

“Another great book by Nathan Maki! ” ~Ralph Dixon

The Praetorian was published by Word Aflame Press in August, 2014.

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A War Within: The Healer

Suzanna ben Ya’ir is a slave to the king of Hatra, the indomitable fortress city. She dreams of escaping the harem and finding her way back to Rome to find her son, but she is held prisoner by the king’s soldiers, towering walls, and untold miles of murderous desert. To escape, she must earn coins as a healer among the common folk of the city and join forces with a Hatran guard who secretly loves her. But when the Roman legions arrive to besiege the city her hope of escape seems more unattainable than ever. Theudas ben Ya’ir is a fierce warrior and a member of the Roman Emperor’s guard, but he also harbors a deadly secret – he is a Christian. Theudas longs to find his mother and rescue her from slavery, but the Emperor, his legions, and Plautianus – the ruthless leader of the Praetorians – are besieging the city where she is held captive. Now Theudas must break the Roman siege and infiltrate the hostile city, find his mother, and help her escape. But doing so will mean committing treason against the Emperor. Will his quest cost Theudas his new-found faith and the life of the woman he loves? With Suzanna’s life hanging in the balance, can she and Theudas defy the odds and reunite? And if so, can they escape with their lives?

Praise for The Healer:

“I could not stop reading until I had completed it. I am sorry to see that this looks like it is going to be the last of this series.” ~Kaylin Folmar

“If you like Historical Fiction, and you like Christian Fiction, this one will be right up your alley”. ~Jaffrey Clark

“Nathan Maki tells a story that is for young and old, male and female, romantic, adrenaline addict, and most of all for a Truth Seeker. Follow the heroes of this book and discover what drives their character, who turns out to be a traitor and who is true-blue. I guarantee you’ll finish the read, changed for the better.” ~Deborah Haroun

The Healer was published by Double Edge Press in 2015.

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