Nathan D. Maki

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to check out my site today.

If you’re here, I assume its because you enjoy Biblical Fiction, Historical Fiction, or both. If so we already have something in common! Here, let me show you around.

If you’re a fan of historical fiction, you’ll want to check out my War Within Series of novels. Take a trip back to Ancient Rome, march the battlefields, walk through the Forum, and hide in the Catacombs with the Early Christians. Follow young Antonius and his friend Theudas as they struggle to survive, protect the ones they love, and remain true to their faith in the midst of persecution and war. These books are packed with history, truth, action, adventure, and romance.

If you’re a fan of Biblical fiction you’ll probably want to start with my short story series, The Bible’s Greatest Battles, which brings some of your favorite episodes from the Bible to life. Ride into battle with Abraham and his three hundred and eighteen trained servants, walk through the Red Sea with Moses and his people, or battle Amalek with Joshua. Each story comes complete with a short devotional to make you think and encourage your faith for the everyday battles we face as Christians.

If you’re looking for more great books but aren’t quite sure where to find them you can also check out my book reviews. And I welcome you to poke around in some of my other blog posts.

If you’ve read my books and are looking to connect, you can get to know me a bit more on the Meet Nathan page. Or just email me on the Contact page, sign up for my newsletter on the sidebar, or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter. Nothing’s more uplifting and encouraging for me than hearing from someone my writing has touched in some way.

God’s given me a passion to bring the past to life to challenge and bless the Church of today. I pray something you read here helps you to, as the Apostle Paul said, “Stand fast in the evil day, and having done all, stand.”

Your Fellowsoldier,

Nathan D. Maki